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The Caw Episode 16 – Steelers Hate Week Part 2

Hey diddle diddle Ray Rice up the middle.  We talk about the Chargers game and the second Steelers game on the season

The Caw Episode 15 – Steelers Hate Week

It’s the game that everyone circled when they saw the schedule over the summer.  RAVENS STEELERS this week!!!  Will Big Ben’s injury effect the Ravens play?  Plus @BrandoCash and @ItalianGQ52 talk about tailgating and being at the stadium live this past game against the Raiders.

The Caw Episode 14

@BrandoCash and @ItalianGQ52 discuss the topsy turvy Browns game and welcome the Raiders to town!

The Caw Episode 13

After a long bye week, The Caw gets you ready for a game against the Brownies!