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The Caw Purple and Black Friday Preview 104 – Ravens vs Browns

It’s Josh’s turn to ride solo this time around.  Josh gets us ready for the Cleveland Browns match up.  He talks about how Matt Schaub will do against the Browns and the impact of all the injuries on this game.

The Caw Red Eye Review 104 – Ravens vs Rams

Time for a new episode of The Caw’s Red Eye Review.  Brandon goes solo for this one and he talks about the injuries to Justin Forsett and Joe Flacco.  What does this mean for the Ravens in the long run?  He tells us what he thinks about Matt Schaub as the starting QB and how this will affect the draft.  PLUS our buddy and favorite Ray Lewis impersonator, Andre Boyd, gets us ready for a Thanksgiving Feast!

The Caw Game Day Preview 103 – Ravens vs Rams

We get ready for the Rams.  Will the Ravens be able to get just the third win of the season?  We also discuss what it will be like to have Ed Reed back at the bank.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 103 – Ravens vs Rams

On this Purple Friday Preview, we discuss all the injuries on the Ravens team.  We finally know whats going on with Breshad Perriman.  We talk the impact of losing Jeremy Zutta, Asa Jackson, and Jeremy Ross.  Plus we look to the Rams and hope for a win!

The Caw Red Eye Review 103 – Ravens vs Jaguars

On this week’s episode, we discuss the loss to the Jaguars.  The team did not do itself any favors, but the officiating also missed some key plays.  Did Elvis Dumervil lose this game or was there something else?

The Caw Game Day Preview 102 – Ravens vs Jaguars

It’s GAME DAY!!! We get ready for the Jags in Baltimore!!  How do the Ravens get the third win of the season??

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 102 – Ravens vs Jaguars

After the bye week, we look at the team and how to beat the Jaguars.  Chris Givens is at one of the starting wide receiver positions, leapfrogging Marlon Brown.  What does this mean for the offense?  Plus we talk about turnovers and Ray Lewis’ new hip hop single.

The Caw Episode 101 Red Eye Review – Ravens vs Chargers

On this episode we discuss the SECOND win of the season!! We talk about the Steve Smith Sr and Jeremy Zuttah and what is means for the team.  We discuss the return of Ray Lewis to the stadium.  PLUS a special message from Andre Boyd, the Halloween Ray Lewis impersonator!!

The Caw Episode 100 Game Day Preview – Ravens vs Chargers

It’s Game Day!! The Ravens are finally back home to take on the Chargers.  We discuss how the Ravens can get their second win of the season.