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The Caw Episode 277 – Week 1 Ravens vs Raiders

On this episode of The Caw, we talk AAAALLLLLLLLLLLL the injuries!!! Everyone is hurt!!!!! We discuss Leveon Bell coming to the team and what the game in Las Vegas will be like.

The Caw Episode 276 – 53 Man Roster

On this episode of The Caw we discuss the injury to JK Dobbins and how it will affect the running game. Plus we discuss what would it be like if Cam Newton became QB2. Spoiler alert, he won’t, but still.

The Caw Episode 275 – 2021 Preseason Ravens vs Washington

On this episode we discuss the final preseason game of 2021. Plus we talk about the preseason winning streak. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Then we discuss the talk about whether Lamar has been figured out.

The Caw Episode 274 – 2021 Preseason Ravens vs Panthers

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss the first preseason game against the Saints. The biggest question was who will back up Lamar. Did game 1 answer our question?

The Caw Episode 273 – 2021 Preseason Ravens vs Saints

We’re back babydolls! Just in time for the first preseason game of 2021, Brandon and Josh discuss skydiving, training camp, and the first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Caw Episode 272 – 2021 NFL Schedule Release

On this episode of The Caw, Brandon and Josh discuss the Ravens schedule for 2021 as it is released. This is an instant reaction show.

The Caw Episode 271 – After the 2021 NFL Draft

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss the 2021 Baltimore Ravens draft class. Plus we discuss the Ravens planning to host full capacity crowds and amazon buying Thursday Night Football.

The Caw Episode 270 – 2021 NFL Draft

We’re BAAAACK! The 2021 NFL draft is this week! Brandon and Josh discuss what the Ravens might do with TWO first round picks. Could the Ravens trade UP? Could they trade back? Could they stay put? What are they looking for? We’ve got questions and some possibilities.

The Caw Episode 269 – Ravens Season Wrap Up

On this episode of The Caw, we wrap up the season and it’s disappointing end. We also say goodbye to Mark Ingram, RG III, and Morgan Cox.

The Caw Episode 268 – Ravens Change The Narrative

On this episode we discuss the Ravens vs Titans game. Was the logo stomp too much or acceptable? Plus we get ready for the Bills and some snow!