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The Caw Episode 337 – Tell Me When I’m Telling Lies

On this episode of The Caw, Josh and Brandon discuss the ending of the Ravens Preseason Winning Streak.  What did the streak mean?  Why was it so important for the Commanders to win?  Plus what positions are left to fill on the team?

The Caw Episode 335 – 2023 Preseason Week 1

The preseason is finally here!  The Ravens will be up against the Eagles, but who will be wearing the purple and black??  Will we see a player like Zay Flowers on Saturday??

The Caw Episode 304 – Ravens vs Cardinals Preseason Week 2

On this episode of The Caw, Brandon and Josh discuss the second preseason game against the Cardinals. Plus we discuss the Lamar contract situations. Listener Dave also asks the guys what they think about Tyler Huntley!

The Caw Episode 303 – Ravens Continue The Preseason Streak

On this episode of The Caw, Brandon and Josh discuss the first preseason game against the Titans. There were a few standouts that we were impressed with and a few things that need to be worked on. Plus we get a live report from The Bank when Josh interviewed David, a listener from across the pond!

The Caw Episode 275 – 2021 Preseason Ravens vs Washington

On this episode we discuss the final preseason game of 2021. Plus we talk about the preseason winning streak. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Then we discuss the talk about whether Lamar has been figured out.