Archive for September 30, 2021

The Caw Episode 280 – Super Kick Party

Since its International Podcast Day, you get the Caw a day early! Josh and Brandon discuss Justin Tucker’s historic 66 yard field goal! Plus we get ready to fly to Mile High and take on the Broncos.

The Caw Episode 279 – Ravens Say Go For It

On this episode of The Caw we discuss the come from behind victory over the Chiefs! Josh tells Brandon about what it was like to be at the game LIVE and then we talk Coach’s Go For It Speech!

The Caw Episode 278 – Loss Vegas

Brandon and Josh discuss the Countdown to kickoff, the loss in Vegas, and what may happen against the Chiefs on Sunday night.

The Caw Episode 277 – Week 1 Ravens vs Raiders

On this episode of The Caw, we talk AAAALLLLLLLLLLLL the injuries!!! Everyone is hurt!!!!! We discuss Leveon Bell coming to the team and what the game in Las Vegas will be like.

The Caw Episode 276 – 53 Man Roster

On this episode of The Caw we discuss the injury to JK Dobbins and how it will affect the running game. Plus we discuss what would it be like if Cam Newton became QB2. Spoiler alert, he won’t, but still.