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The Caw Episode 69

On this week’s episode we discuss the first ten games of the season.  We ask have the Ravens beaten any teams worth beating or just less than stellar teams.  Plus we prep and get ready for the New Orleans Saints.

The Caw Episode 68

On this week’s episode of The Caw we discuss the game against the Tennessee Titans.  We talk about the fact that the offensive line can’t keep Joe on his feet as well as the shining star on this team, Justin Forsett.  Plus we talk about Steve Smith’s bodyslam, John Harbaugh’s post game speech, and Terrence Brooks hit on Delanie Walker.

The Caw Episode 67

After a terrible and embarrassing loss in Pittsburgh, we try to make sense of what happened.  Is Gary Kubiak the right guy for the job?  Where is the offensive line?  How the hell is Dominique Franks our best option? We answer all this and get ready for the Tennessee Titans this Sunday!