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The Caw Red Eye Review 136 – Ravens vs Jets

On this episode we discuss our recent road trip to Metlife Stadium. Then we discuss the horrid game that happened this past Sunday. What went right? That’s a way shorter show. Who’s to blame? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 135 – Ravens vs Jets

On this week’s episode we get ready for The Caw Road Trip this weekend! Brandon and Josh also become doctor’s and discuss all the injuries the Ravens have right now. Will Joe Flacco play?? What about Terrell Suggs? Will we ever see Doom or Steve Smith Sr.?? We talk about it!

The Caw Red Eye Review 134 – Ravens vs Giants

On this episode Josh tells Brandon about his bus trip and how the game was live. Then we discuss what went wrong and there was plenty. The Ravens drop 3 in a row and we try to make sense of the mess.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 133 – Ravens vs Giants

What is old is new again. New offensive coordinator, old offensive line. We discuss the new offensive coordinator, but how much does it matter when the O line is so banged up. And the defense is banged up, too. We talk about how might miss the game and who will fill in.

The Caw Red Eye Review 132 – Ravens vs Redskins

Yeah, we cover the game, but mostly we discuss the firing of Marc Trestman. Was it the right thing to do? Was he the problem? Plus who’s the guy taking over?

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 131 – Ravens vs Redskins

On this Purple Friday Preview we say goodbye to Justin Forsett. We wonder why Waller won’t be playing. We then discuss the last time the Redskins game and the last time the Ravens saw Kurt Cousins. Plus we try to figure out if the running game will work against Washington.

The Caw Red Eye Review 130 – Ravens vs Raiders

The first lose of the season and it was a one point lose. We discuss if the sky is falling or if this team can continue to win. We talk about Justin Forsett being a healthy scratch and Terrence West getting the number one spot.