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The Caw Episode 223 – 2019 Free Agency

Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? We discuss the mass exodus of the Ravens locker room. At the time of recording, there was alot of speculation of Le’veon Bell coming to the Ravens and we discuss that as well.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 184 – Ravens vs Lions

On this episode the guys discuss the upcoming Ravens Lions game. The team is healthy and everyone practiced on Wednesday…. except for one very important player. PLUS we discuss what the Ravens have to do now that they are facing a number 1 QB.

The Caw Red Eye Review 166 – Ravens vs Bengals

On this episode we discuss the season opener between the Ravens and the Bengals. We discuss Joe Flacco’s return to the field, Terrell Suggs inability to age, and how well the defense faired against the Cincinnati offense.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 145 – Ravens vs Patriots

On this episode we talk Ravens Patriots. Does the Patriots Rivalry overshadow the Steelers Rivalry? We discuss about whether or not the Dolphins game was a fluke or not. Plus we hear from Tevin straight outta Boston!

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 138 – Steelers Hate Week

And…. Here… We…. GO!!! After a very long bye week and even longer season, The Ravens welcome the Joker to their Batman, The Pittsburgh Steelers to town. Someone must’ve told the team because we saw alot of familiar faces return to the practice field this week. We discuss the impact of the returning players and the potential of Big Ben playing on Sunday.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 135 – Ravens vs Jets

On this week’s episode we get ready for The Caw Road Trip this weekend! Brandon and Josh also become doctor’s and discuss all the injuries the Ravens have right now. Will Joe Flacco play?? What about Terrell Suggs? Will we ever see Doom or Steve Smith Sr.?? We talk about it!

The Caw Red Eye Review 128 – Ravens vs Jaguars

Have you recovered?? We are back from heart attack city with a win for the Ravens. We discuss whether or not this 3-0 really is any good. Joe can run again, but Hester can’t catch a ball. Plenty to talk about on this episode of The Caw.

The Caw Episode 121 – Ravens vs Lions

We are still in the preseason, but there is still plenty to talk about.  We discuss the live game experience and get a 3 year old’s perspective from Gabriel.  With two standouts in Butler and Levine, will these two guys make the team??  Plus the return of Flacco and Suggs is discussed.  We look forward to Week 4 and COULD IT BE?!  Breshad Perriman?!

The Caw Red Eye Review 110 – Ravens vs Bengals

This is it.  We discuss the final Ravens game of the 2015-16 season.  We look at the entire season and what the Ravens have gone through.  Plus we look ahead at free agency, Terrell Suggs’ future, and where Osemele may land.

The Caw Episode 49

With the news that Terrell Suggs is now a Raven 4 Life, we discuss the signing.  Plus we also discuss Ray Rice’s recent incident with his fiance.