Archive for August 26, 2015

The Caw Episode 91 – Ravens vs Redskins

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss the disaster that happened in Philadelphia.  We try to make sense of all the penalties.  We weigh in on the Suggs hit and Flacco’s interceptions.  Plus we talk about the upcoming game against the Redskins and try to figure out how much of a hometown crowd there will be at the bank.

The Caw Episode 90 – Ravens vs Eagles

On this week’s episode, we discuss dramatic the Ravens Saints game.  We talk about who stood out, who we want to see more from, and more.  Plus we prepare for the Eagles and talk about whether joint practices are a good thing.

The Caw Episode 89 – Ravens vs Saints

On this week’s episode Josh takes the reigns as Brandon is under the weather.  We discuss where Marlon Brown may land, Steve Smith’s retirement, and who may become the team’s new punt returner.

The Caw Episode 88 – 1st Week of Ravens Training Camp

We discuss the first week of Ravens Training Camp.  We talk Perriman, Elam, Marlon Brown, and Webb’s health.  Is it too early to be worried?  We also discuss the stadium upgrades, and more!