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The Caw Purple Friday Preview 151 – Ravens vs Bengals

So alot of people say this game is pointless. There is no reason to watch. BUT WE DISAGREE! We discuss the importance of the game for the team as well as Steve Smith. This will be the last time we see 89 on the field. We also discuss who else will not be wearing purple and black on the field next year.

The Caw Red Eye Review 150 – Ravens vs Steelers

You’re a mean one, Mr. Ben. The Ravens are out of the playoff picture and it all happened in Pittsburgh on Christmas Day. Josh and Brandon discuss the game, what went wrong, what hope there was, and how the Ravens got to this point

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 149 – Ravens vs Steelers

It’s Steelers Hate Week! Everything comes down to Christmas Day. The Ravens and Steelers battle over the AFC North and the Ravens will probably be without Jimmy Smith. We discuss what that means for the Ravens. Plus we go over past Ravens Steelers memories and discuss the Pro Bowl.

The Caw Red Eye Review 148 – Ravens vs Eagles

Well that could’ve ended badly.The Ravens keep their fans on the edge of their seats til the end with this past game. We discuss what happened and where things went wrong. We talk the Joe Flacco interception and what Joe means to this team.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 147 – Ravens vs Eagles

On this episode of The Caw we preview the Ravens Eagles Game. The Ravens need wins and need them badly. Can they beat the Eagles team that started the season so strong? We also discuss the impact of losing Jimmy Smith. Plus can the offense bounce back and be more like the offense we saw two weeks ago.

The Caw Red Eye Review 146 – Ravens vs Patriots

WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?! We discuss the “game” that happened on Monday. Where was everyone? Was Joe Flacco scared of the Patriots defense? PLUS we discuss the game next season IN LONDON!

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 145 – Ravens vs Patriots

On this episode we talk Ravens Patriots. Does the Patriots Rivalry overshadow the Steelers Rivalry? We discuss about whether or not the Dolphins game was a fluke or not. Plus we hear from Tevin straight outta Boston!

The Caw Red Eye Review 144 – Ravens vs Dolphins

What a game! WHAT A WIN!! We discuss the amazing win the Ravens had over the Dolphins. What went right and what went really right. We discuss if this is really who the Ravens are or if this is just a one time deal.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 143 – Ravens vs Dolphins

After a nice Thanksgiving break, we are back to discuss the Ravens Bengals game and get ready for the Dolphins. We talk about how important Justin Tucker is to this team, if Breshad Perriman will ever be consistently good, and what to do about the red hot Dolphins. Plus we hear from a listener and talk about a game IN LONDON!