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The Caw Red Eye Review 139 – Ravens vs Steelers

On this episode, we discuss the epic Ravens Steelers game. What was with that ending?!?! We talk about the whole game as well. The team looked great for the majority of the game, but the defense struggled a bit in the 4th quarter. We also talk about what we thought when Joe went down. And since it’s a short week we also preview the Ravens Browns game.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 133 – Ravens vs Giants

What is old is new again. New offensive coordinator, old offensive line. We discuss the new offensive coordinator, but how much does it matter when the O line is so banged up. And the defense is banged up, too. We talk about how might miss the game and who will fill in.

The Caw Episode 99 Purple Friday Preview – Ravens vs Cardinals

On this episode, Josh tells us about meeting Ray Lewis.  The book signing line started a whole 12 hours before the signing.  Then we discuss the Ravens and whether they can beat the Cardinals or not.  Also will the return of Pitta to the practice field mean anything to this team?

The Caw Episode 97 Red Eye Review – Ravens vs Steelers

On this episode we discuss the Ravens vs Steelers game.  We talk about the loss of Steve Smith as well as the defense and running game finally waking up this season.

The Caw Episode 73

On this Christmas Eve, we ask Santa for a Ravens win on Sunday.  We look back at the game against the Houston Texans and try to figure out what went wrong.  Brandon thinks it’s a lack of preparedness.  Plus we talk about what has to happen for the Ravens to make the playoffs this year.

The Caw Episode 66

On this week’s episode we discuss the Bengals and Ravens game.  To flop or not to flop?? The offense didn’t play well and the defense was mediocre at best.  We also ask how the injury to Jimmy Smith will hurt the Ravens when they go up against the Steelers this Sunday.

The Caw Episode 62

On this week’s episode we record on National Podcast Day!  We discuss the Carolina Panthers game.  Steve Smith definitely brought blood and guts to the stadium that day.  Plus we get ready for a trip to Indy to face the “Colts”

The Caw Episode 61

We discuss Steve Biscotti’s press conference as well as the ESPN article.  Then we get into some football talk.  We discuss the Cleveland Browns vs the Baltimore Ravens.  And we get prepped for Carolina coming to Steve Smith’s new home! Apologies for some of the crackle in the audio.

The Caw Episode 50

On this episode we talk about the Ravens resigning Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, and Eugene Monroe.  Plus we welcome Steve Smith to the team.