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The Caw Purple Friday Preview 131 – Ravens vs Redskins

On this Purple Friday Preview we say goodbye to Justin Forsett. We wonder why Waller won’t be playing. We then discuss the last time the Redskins game and the last time the Ravens saw Kurt Cousins. Plus we try to figure out if the running game will work against Washington.

The Caw Red Eye Review 130 – Ravens vs Raiders

The first lose of the season and it was a one point lose. We discuss if the sky is falling or if this team can continue to win. We talk about Justin Forsett being a healthy scratch and Terrence West getting the number one spot.

The Caw Red Eye Review 122 – End of Preseason

The preseason has finally ended!  There were some strange jaw dropping cuts, but they may have not been forever.  We talk about some of the winners and losers in preseason.  Plus Josh is very upset one guy didn’t make the cut.

The Caw Red Eye Review 104 – Ravens vs Rams

Time for a new episode of The Caw’s Red Eye Review.  Brandon goes solo for this one and he talks about the injuries to Justin Forsett and Joe Flacco.  What does this mean for the Ravens in the long run?  He tells us what he thinks about Matt Schaub as the starting QB and how this will affect the draft.  PLUS our buddy and favorite Ray Lewis impersonator, Andre Boyd, gets us ready for a Thanksgiving Feast!

The Caw Episode 82 – Free Agency

On this week’s episode we discuss the resigning of Justin Forsett, trading Haloti Ngata, say goodbye to Torrey Smith, and say welcome to Kendrick Lewis.  Plus we also talk about Lardarius Webb and his restructuring of his contract.

The Caw Episode 69

On this week’s episode we discuss the first ten games of the season.  We ask have the Ravens beaten any teams worth beating or just less than stellar teams.  Plus we prep and get ready for the New Orleans Saints.

The Caw Episode 68

On this week’s episode of The Caw we discuss the game against the Tennessee Titans.  We talk about the fact that the offensive line can’t keep Joe on his feet as well as the shining star on this team, Justin Forsett.  Plus we talk about Steve Smith’s bodyslam, John Harbaugh’s post game speech, and Terrence Brooks hit on Delanie Walker.