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The Caw Episode 297 – 2022 NFL Draft Recap

The Ravens were very busy this past weekend at the NFL Draft. Brandon and Josh go through the newest members of The Flock and what Hollywood Brown leaving means for both the team and Lamar.

The Caw Episode 271 – After the 2021 NFL Draft

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss the 2021 Baltimore Ravens draft class. Plus we discuss the Ravens planning to host full capacity crowds and amazon buying Thursday Night Football.

The Caw Episode 195 – 2018 Draft Review

On this episode of The Caw we discuss Ozzie’s last draft. What does a QB pick in the first round mean for the Ravens?

The Caw Episode 157 – Ravens NFL Draft 2017

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss the 2017 Draft. Alot of fans seemed upset about the first round draft pick and alot seem puzzled to the defense picks that followed. We straighten everything out for you and explain why Ozzy did what he did. HugsFromHolly