The Caw Red Eye Review 128 – Ravens vs Jaguars

Have you recovered?? We are back from heart attack city with a win for the Ravens. We discuss whether or not this 3-0 really is any good. Joe can run again, but Hester can’t catch a ball. Plenty to talk about on this episode of The Caw.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 127 – Ravens vs Jaguars

It’s Purple Friday!!! On this episode we discuss meeting Eric Weddle earlier this week, the impact of OJ Brigance, and get ready for the Jaguars. The Ravens have two ugly wins, can they get three?? We talk about it.

The Caw Red Eye Review 126 – Ravens vs Browns

The Ravens come back and make history. We discuss the slow start and the Ravens ability to play a full sixty minute game. We also talk about Joe Flacco’s boss speech.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 125 – Ravens vs Browns

It’s purple friday!!! We are ready for some football on Sunday, but are all the Ravens? A few Ravens missed practice this week, is that a concern or a precaution? We discuss!

The Caw Red Eye Review 124 – Ravens vs Bills

The NFL Regular Season has begun and we are covering the week 1 matchup of the Ravens vs Bills. As Rex Ryan, Tyrod Taylor, and Ed Reed come back to Baltimore, the Baltimore defense kept Tyrod on the ground. We discuss the old school Baltimore defense, Joe Flacco, and the offensive line.

The Caw Purple Friday Preview 123 – Ravens vs Bills

On this first Purple Friday Preview of the season, we discuss the upcoming Ravens Bills game. Josh preps his game attire, we talk punt returner, how to play against Tyrod Taylor, and much more.

The Caw Red Eye Review 122 – End of Preseason

The preseason has finally ended!  There were some strange jaw dropping cuts, but they may have not been forever.  We talk about some of the winners and losers in preseason.  Plus Josh is very upset one guy didn’t make the cut.

The Caw Episode 121 – Ravens vs Lions

We are still in the preseason, but there is still plenty to talk about.  We discuss the live game experience and get a 3 year old’s perspective from Gabriel.  With two standouts in Butler and Levine, will these two guys make the team??  Plus the return of Flacco and Suggs is discussed.  We look forward to Week 4 and COULD IT BE?!  Breshad Perriman?!

The Caw Episode 120 – Ravens Pre Season Week 3

On The Caw, we discuss the game against Indy.  The back up quarterback spot is still up for grabs and the defense didn’t show up.  John Harbaugh is angry about giving away yards.  We also talk about the potential loss of Dennis Pitta and Matt Elam.  Plus is Breshad Perriman really coming back?

The Caw Episode 119 – Ravens Preseason

On this episode of The Caw, we discuss what we did for the first preseason game.  We talk about who impressed and who left more to be desired.  Plus we look forward to the next preseason game and who needs to do more.