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The Caw Episode 99 Purple Friday Preview – Ravens vs Cardinals

On this episode, Josh tells us about meeting Ray Lewis.  The book signing line started a whole 12 hours before the signing.  Then we discuss the Ravens and whether they can beat the Cardinals or not.  Also will the return of Pitta to the practice field mean anything to this team?

The Caw Episode 98 Game Day Preview – Ravens vs 49ers

We get ready for the game in San Fran.  We talk what to do to take down the 49ers.

The Caw Episode 98 Purple Friday Preview – Ravens vs 49ers

On this episode, we discuss the upcoming Ravens 49ers game.  How do the Ravens defend against this team with both Boldin and Smith on the opposing side?  How will all these injuries hurt the Ravens?  And we ask are the 49ers any better than the Ravens this season?

The Caw Episode 98 Red Eye Review – Ravens vs Browns

On this week’s Red Eye Review, we discuss the 1-4 start of the season.  We try to make sense of the defense and what has happened to them.  We also question the coaching decisions on both sides of the ball.

The Caw Episode 96 – Ravens vs Steelers

On this episode we discuss starting the season at 0-3, how we got here, and how to fix it. We also prepare for a Big Ben less Steelers team on this shortened football week.

The Caw Episode 95 Game Day Preview – Ravens vs Bengals

Here we are! It’s Game Day and Week 3 of the NFL regular season.  The Ravens have to make sure they don’t go 0-3.  Josh and Brandon bring up some keys to the game to ensure a win.

The Caw Episode 95 – Purple Friday Preview Ravens vs Bengals

On this Purple Friday Preview, we discuss how the Ravens can come back from their 0-2 start and make sure they don’t go 0-3.  Brandon is convinced the crowd has to be a huge factor and Josh talks about who has to step up.

The Caw Episode 95 Red Eye Review – Ravens vs Raiders

On this edition of the Red Eye Review we discuss the Ravens Raiders game.  What went wrong??  Brandon talks about his worries with Marc Trestman. Josh and Brandon discuss why the new addition Jason Babin.

The Caw Episode 94 Red Eye Review – Ravens vs Broncos

On this episode, we discuss the Terrell Suggs injury.We also talk about what went wrong against the Broncos.  Where was the offensive line?? Plus we talk about Brandon’s jersey jinx.

The Caw Episode 92 – Ravens vs Falcons

On this new episode, we discuss the recent Redskins game and prep for the Atlanta Falcons game.  We talk about Harbaugh’s halftime interview, the Steve Smith ejection, plus injuries.